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No matter which city ordinances will come up for a vote, you can trust Genevieve to stand by her values. 

  We must be responsible stewards of the planet. 

This philosophy led Genevieve to transform part of her yard into a Monarch Waystation, with native plants and 0 pesticides to provide a healthy habitat for Monarchs and all pollinators. 

  North Ridgeville has fewer parks per 1,000 residents than most cities of similar size and location. (From Ridgeville Ready! Master Plan public meeting) Several of our neighboring cities have set aside dedicated spaces with Milkweed and nectar flowers to help critically endangered butterflies.  After the initial installation, these gardens are low cost and low maintenance ways to help protect the environment. They are great as an educational tool and draw wildlife photographers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Fiscal Responsibilty

    No one likes taxes, but a city has an obligation  to provide services. City Council must make decisions about what to spend and where to cut. They have a responsibility to ask if an expense is necessary or beneficial and if it can be done better. Some common complaints from residents are that we already have too many houses with not enough business. Cities with half our population have better recreation facilities. We have empty land and empty buildings that are not being used to their maximum potential.

   Genevieve commits to finding the balance between providing the service and amenities that North Ridgeville residents deserve, while keeping the tax burden on homeowners as low as possible.  New Home developers need to pay their fair share and we need to encourage new businesses with jobs that stay in our city. 

Genevieve Flieger
Ready to cut weeds and unnecessary spending

    From a very young age, Genevieve has been drawn to opportunities to serve her community. She has worked with organizations that rescue animals, teach children, visit nursing homes, distribute food and clean up trash. 

    Too often we see politicians who view their office as a way to advance their own agenda instead of serving their voters.   If elected, Genevieve will represent Ward 4 and be attentive to resident needs. 


   Governments should be accountable, honest and responsive. They should not hide behind closed doors and take advantage of an emergency clause to push through every whim on a fast track with no oversight. Unfortunately, those behaviors are happening in North Ridgeville right now.

Leadership involves being able to speak truth to power. The mishandling of the police department, and the length of time our hardworking officers felt their serious concerns were ignored, shows we need a council that will stand up against a mayor if needed. 

Genevieve will inform and involve residents so they can regain trust in a government that works for them. 


   All over the country, people full of hate are legislating to divide us. They are singling out and targeting communities with lies and violence. 

Genevieve will never side with hate. Should any fringe elements try to infiltrate our beautiful city, she will fight on the side of inclusion.  She supports:

  • Black Lives Matter

  • LGBTQ+ community

  • Reproductive Freedom

  • Books in schools

  • Art/Science/History

  • All of the standard parts of language including pronouns

  • Kids playing sports

  • Organized Labor

  • Justice Reform/ Legalizing Marijuana 

Standing in solidarity with healthcare and auto workers

Tell us what you love about North Ridgeville or what you'd like to see improved.

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